Filatelistų draugija "LIETUVA" (JAV, Čikaga)

Ignatius SAKALAS
Founder of the Society, Honorary Member
(1892 - 1976)

 The Lithuania Philatelic Society (LPS) was founded in 1946 in Chicago. Throughout its history, the LPS has promoted the collection and research of Lithuanian stamps and philatelic history. The goal of the LPS is to promote Lithuanian philately through its informative publications, stamp exhibitions and cachets. The LPS also played a key role in bringing public attention to the Soviet Union's brutal occupation of Lithuania. The LPS is a bilingual ogranization (Lithuanian and English) with 170 members of various ethnic origins, but predominantly Lithuanian.

President of the Society
Most of the members reside in the USA, while some also live in Lithuania, Germany, Canada, Japan, Australia. By-laws of the Society govern the activites of the LPS. The majority of LPS Officers, elected for two year term,currently reside in the Chicago area. Membership meeting are held at least twice a year. Any person interested in the philately of Lithuania may become a member of the LPS. The Society's journals are iliustrated and comprehensive. Over the past 20 years the LPS has issued journals an average of twice a year. Lately only one journal is being issued each year with an expanded scope.
Each publication contains 40 to 100 pages with articles in Lithuanian and English. Shorter articles, such as the Society's activites, news items, Lithuania's new stamp and cover issues, appear in both languages side by side. Longer articles are either translated, or summaries provided. Every other year the Society organizes "LITHPEX" philatelic exhibitions. A least two cachets are issued for each exhibition, commemorating the anniversaries of important Lithuanian historical events and people. The Society designs special pictorial USPS cancels for LITHPEX shows to cancel the cachets. Other non-LITHPEX cachets are also occasionally issued for special occasions and anniversaries.
In 1997 the LPS published a comprehensive book, titled "50 YEARS". This publication depicts all important events in the life of the Society. A commemorative medal in silver and bronze was minted for this anniversary.

LITHPEX XIV rengimo komiteto nariai, 1970 m.October 23-25, 1970, Chicago, IL. Active members of the Lithuania Philatelic Society and known philatelists abroad, LITHPEX XIV Exhibition Committee members; from left, seated: Ignas Sakalas, Juozas Zygas, Benediktas Jurenas; standing: Viktoras Lesniauskas, Eugenijus Petrauskas, Antanas Beleska, Vincas Urbonas.

The first LPS bulletin, issued in December, 1946.
Editor: Ben. Jurėnas

Cover page of the LPS 35-year Retrospective Issue, covering LPS activities during the years 1946-1981. Another Issue, covering LPS activities from 1946 to 1996, has been issued in 1997.


The first President of the L.P.S. was John Green who served from 1946 to 1948. Subsequent Presidents were as follows:

1948-1950 Dr. Walter M.Eisin
1950-1951 Eve A.Lukas (Ieva Lukasiute)
1952-1953 Ignatius Sakalas
1954-1956 John Green (Jonas Grinius)
1957-1959 Eve A.Lukas (Ieva Lukosiute)
1960-1961 Kazys Meskonis
1962 m. I.Sakalas, later L.Kairys
1963-1964 Edmund Jasiunas
1965-1967 Ignatius Sakalas
1968-1973 Juozas Zygas
1974-1976 K.Meskonis
1977-1986 Jonas Adomenas
1987- to present John Variakojis


Ignatius Sakalas (1892-1976)
Aleksandras Rackus (19??-1965)
Prof. Adomas Varnas (1879-1979)
Kristina Grinius (1896-1987)
Benedict Jurenas (USA, Chicago)
Walter E.Norton (19??-1989)
Jonas Adomenas (1907-1989)
Paul Barbatavicius (Canada, Toronto)
Antanas Beleska (USA, Chicago)
Vygintas Bubnys (Lithuania, Vilnius)
Edmund Jasiunas (USA, Chicago)
Liudas Kairys (1925-1999)
Juozas Masilionis (1914-2000)
Kazys Meskonis (1906-1992)
Charles Matuzas (1909-1995)
Vincas Urbonas (1902-1991)
Fred Baumgartner (1924-2004)
Dr.Venk-Venckunas (USA, St Monica, CA)
Dr.Vytautas Doniela (Australija)
Stanley Balzekas, Jr. (USA, Chicago)

The Representative Collection of Lithuanian and Klaipeda (Memel) Stamps

The gum side ofthe stamps was stamped with a small identifying mark.

On June 26, 1999, at the Lithuanian National Museum in Vilnius, this collection was ceremoniously donated to Lithuania. In 1962 members of the Lithuania Philatelic Society (LPS) decided to compile a complete collection of Independent Lithuania's postage stamps with the intent of turning it over to Lithuania when it will become free again. The collection was completed in 1975. It consisted of 551 unused Lithuanian stamps, 4 souvenir sheets and 2 flight covers in addition to 292 unused Klaipeda stamps. The complete collection was exhibited for the first time in 1975 at the Lithuanian Youth Center in Chicago, IL. Members of the LPS who organized and contributed to this collection were E.Petrauskas (the initiator), K. Meskonis, L. Kairys, I. Sakalas, V. Urbonas and J.Adomenas.

Attendees at LITHPEX XXX, the Philatelic and Numismatic Exhibition at the Balzekas Museum of Lithuanian Culture in Chicago on April 25-27, 2008

The official opening of LITHPEX XXX on April 26, 2008. Left to right: John Variakojis, President of the LPS, Arvydas Daunoravičius, Consul General of the Republic of Lithuania in Chicago and Stanley Balzekas, Jr., Lithuanian Honorary Consul in Palm Beach, Florida and the Museum President

Dabartine draugijos valdyba, draugijos nariai ir sveciai

General LPS membership meeting was held in Chicago on March 29, 2009

President and LPS Journal Editor John Variakojis , 3715 W. 68th St., Chicago, IL 60629 (tel.773 585-8649)
I Vice-President Raimond Korzonas, 16061 S.Messenger Circle, Homer Glen, II, IL, 60491
II Vice-President Violeta Rutkauskienė
2833 Grove Ave., Waukegan, IL 60085. Secretary Violeta Rutkauskienė
Treasurer Jeronimas Gaizutis, 5703 Woodland Drive, Western Springs, IL 60556
Journal Administrator: Jeronimas Gaižutis Auditors: Juozas Liubinskas and Jonas Krutulis
Miscellaneous Duties Jonas Krutulis
LPS Representative with APS John Variakojis
LPS Representative in Lithuania Vytautas Gaižiūnas, Šilo 6-9, 10322 Vilnius, Lithuania

You may direct your inquiries regarding the Society to John VARIAKOJIS, 3715 West 68th Street, Chicago, IL 60629, USA. E-mail:

General L.P.S. Meeting of February 4, 2007.  In the first row are seated LPS 2007-2008 Officers. Left to right: Jonas Krutulis, Auditor; Liudas Volodka, I Vice President; Jeronimas Gaižutis, Treasurer and Journal Administrator; John Variakojis, President and Journal Editor, Stanley Balzekas, Jr., Honorary Member and Balzekas Museum President; Violeta Rutkauskienė, II Vice President and Secretary; and Juozas Liubinskas, Chief Auditor.  Standing are LPS members and guests.
LITHPEX XXIX 2003.10.24-26

You may obtain the application for membership in the LPS from the Society's President or the Liaison Officer in Lithuania (V.Gaižiūnas. Šilo gt. 6-9, 10322 Vilnius)


You may send your dues to either the L.P.S. treasurer, Jeronimas Gaižutis, or President, John Variakojis, at the above addres. Membership dues in US and Canada are $ 20 per year. The annual dues for overseas members who wish to receive the journal by airmail are $25. The cost of the juornal is included in the dues. Honorary members are exempt from dues.


This website has now been in existence for 10 years. We venture to report all relevant events and activities pertaining to the LPS in a concise and easily understandable manner. In the past, our updates have occasionally been late or not precisely worded, but this update is  now complete and accurate as of this date.

LITHPEX XXIX organizers, judges and award recipients (not all are present). Seated from left:Liudas Volodka, Chairman of the Exhibition Committee, John Variakojis, President of the Lithuania Philatelic Society, Paul Barbatavicius and Paul Larsen - judges of the exhibition. Standing from left are the award recipients: Vytautas Mikunas, Raimond Korzonas, dr. Arnold Grushnys, Peter K. Devenis, Ron Yankowski and Vito Lukoševičius (not in the picture are judges Violeta Rutkauskiene, Rūta Kunciene and Frank Passic).
Draugijos biuletenio viršelis Apžvalginio leidinio viršelis Filatelistų draugijos "LIETUVA" Filatelijos ir numizmatikos parodos LITHPEX XXX Programos leidinio viršelis

Cover Page of the 1975 No.1 (163) Journal of the LPS

Cover Page of the LPS 50-Year Retrospective Issue

Cover Page of the LITHPEX XXX Program

Several LPS and United States Postal Service Cancellations Commemorating the Society's Special Events

. . . .

Show covers with personalized US stamps and special cancels designed to mark the LITHPEX XXX exhibition events


News of Society

"LITHUANIA" Philatelic Society Juornal No. 236 (2007)


Recent General Membership meeting was held in Chicago on March 29, 2009


Stanley Balzekas, Jr. was elected Honorary Member of the LPS in 2009

LITHPEX XXX Philatelic and Numismatic Exhibition took place an April 25-27, 2008 in Chicago

Recent Juornals

1998 m.: Nr. 1 (223) 2 (224)
1999 m.: Nr. 1 (225) 2 (226)
2000 m.: Nr. 1-2 (227)
2001 m.: Nr. 1 (228) 2 (229)
2002 m.: Nr.1 (230) 2 (231)
2003 m.: Nr. 1-2 (232)
2004 m.: Nr. 1-2(233)
2005 m.: Nr.1-2 (234)
2006 m.: Nr. 1-2 (235)
2007 m.: Nr. 236
2008 m.: Nr. 237(now under preparation)

Philatelic Exhibitions

  LITHPEX XXX (April 25-27, 2008). LITHPEX XXX show covers may be ordered from J.Variakojis at $ 4.00 each with an enclosed SASE
  LITHPEX XXIX (24-26 October, 2003) LITHPEX XXIX show covers may be ordered from J.Variakojis at $ 2.00 each with an enclosed SASE.
  LITHPEX XXVIII (20-22 October, 2000) LITHPEX XXVIII show covers may be ordered from J.Variakojis at $ 1.50 each with an enclosed SASE.

Jubiliejinio medalio aversas

Recent LPS Cachets and "50 Years" publication

Medals have been minted in silver and bronze Medals may ordered from: L. Volodka.1201 60th Place, Downers Grove, IL 60516.
Medal size: 2-inch diametr, 0,17 inch thick
Price: Silver - $50, Bronze- $18. Shipping and handling - $3.

Jubiliejinio medalio reversas

Simon Kelly the Lithuania Philatelic Society website: The Lithuania Philatelic Society has produced many journals and related works over the years, some of which are still available in limited quantities. This page lists those journals with a summary of contents, prices and details of how to order them.Also available are special cachets and covers that have been realised over the years predominately for the LITHPEX shows. You will find the link to those pages by going through the Journals page.Finally, the 50th anniversary commemorative medal can be viewed and ordered here.

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