Lithuania Philatelic Society
STAMP EXHIBITION - LITHPEX XXIX (October, 22-24, 2003)
Cover-Lithuania's King 
   Mindaugas - by artist Viktoras Paulauskas
The Lithuania PHILATELIC SOCIETY is proud to present its twenty-ninth exhibition, LITHPEX XXIX, commemorating several important milestones in Lithuania's history. he year 2003 marks the 750th Anniversary of the Coronation of Lithuania's King Mindaugas: the 70th Anniversary of the Trans-Atlantic Flight by S.Darius add S.Girenas; the 50th Anniversary of the Death of Vydunas; and the 140th Anniversary of Lithuania's Uprising against Moskow Tyranny.
I am extending my sincere gratitude to everyone who made this event possible. I am deeply grateful to the members of the Exhibition Committee who devoted much time and effort to make this event a success; to the exhibitors, the judges, the contributors, the professional and business establishments whose advertisements appear in this program and all the visitors from visitors from far and near who came to view the exhibits.
Liudas Volodka
Chairman, Exhibition Committee

Official LITHPEX XXIX greetings, included in the 20-page program, were received from Mr. Rod Blagojevich, Governor of the State of Illinois and Mr. Richard M. Daley, Mayor of the City of Chicago.

LITHPEX XXIX Exhibition Commitee


Liudas Volodka

Chairman, Posters, Cancels, Award Plaquues, Certificates.

   Thursday, October 23, 2003. 4:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m. Set-up of frames, mounting of exhibits and arrangement of bourse and Society tables in the Exhibit Hall (3rd Florr) of the Balzekas Museum of Lithuanian Culture.
   Friday, October 24. 10:00 a.m. LITHPEX XXIX Exhibits ready for wiewung. US Postal - LPS show cancels and postage stamps available at the Society Table to cancel new LPS covers. All outgoing mail will be collected in a special box for the delivery to the Main US Post. Office. Exhibition judges will be evaluating exhibits and assigning awards. 9:00 p.m. Show closes for the day.
   Saturday, October 25. 10:00 a.m. Official Opening ceremonies of  LITXPEX XXIX. Ribbon cutting. Video filming by American Lithuanian TV. Short address by the President of the Lithuania Philatelic Society, the Chairman of the Exhibition Committee and representative from the Vydunas Fund Canceling of show covers and letters continues. 6:00 p.m. Show closed for the day. 6:30 p.m. Banquet in the Amber Romm (2nd Floor). Presentation of awards. Introduction of quests. Banquet tickets available for $20.00 at the Society Table.
  Sunday, October 26. 10:00 a.m. Show continues. Special LITHPEX XXIX cancels available for schow covers. letters with LITHPEX XXIX cancels will be collected and takem to the Chicago's Main Post Office on Monday, October 27, 2003 for mailing. 4:00 p.m. LITHPEX XXIX officially closes. Disassembling of the exhibits may begin. Volunteers sought for assistance in returning the exhibit frames to the museum basement storage.

John Variakojis

Vice Chairman, Program Editor, Exhibitors, Cachets, US Press

Vito Lukosevicius

Treasurer, Refreshments

Mrs. Jurate Jasiunas

Fund Drive - Program Advertisements

Violeta Rutkauskienė

Lithuanian Press, Radio, LPS Reception Table, Welcome Sign

Stanley Alsis

US Philatelic Press

Juozas Liubinskas


Jeronimas Gaizutis

LPS Reception Table

Jonas Krutulis

LPS Reception Table

Val Martis

Exhibit Frame Coordinator

Algis Jurkūnas

Exhibit Frame set-up and dismantling

Algirdas Putrius

Exhibit Frame set-up, dismantling, LPS Reception Table

Algirdas Putrius

Exhibit Frame set-up, dismantling, LPS Reception Table

John Keich

LPS Reception Table

Juozas Zadeikis

Cachets, Cancels

LITHPEX XXIX organizers, judges and award recipients (not all are present). Seated from left:Liudas Volodka, Chairman of the Exhibition Committee, John Variakojis, President of the Lithuania Philatelic Society, Paul Barbatavicius and Paul Larsen - judges of the exhibition. Standing from left are the award recipients: Vytautas Mikunas, Raimond Korzonas, dr. Arnold Grushnys, Peter K. Devenis, Ron Yankowski and Vito Lukoševičius (not in the picture are judges Violeta Rutkauskiene, Rūta Kunciene and Frank Passic).
Exhibition Judges
Numismatics Philately
Violeta Rutkauskienė Paul Larsen
Rūta Kuncienė Paul Barbatavicius
Frank Passic Violeta Rutkauskienė
Auxilliary Committee
Mrs. Ona Cepele
Mrs. Eugenija Taras
Mrs. Jurate Variakojis
Mrs. Gitana Variakojis

Proginis antspaudas, kuris buvo naudojamas parodos metu

Filatelistu draugijos Lietuva antspaudas

Draugijos antspaudas Parodos proginis antspaudas


Gruop I - Lithuania


Frames 1-2 (Non-Commpetitive) Paul Barbatavicius, Toronto, Canada Darius and Girenas Trans-Atlantic Flight to lithuania .


Frames 4-7 (Non-Commpetitive) Paul Barbatavicius, Toronto, Canada Better Philatelic Material of Current Lithuania, incl. Errors .


Frames 8-11 Keistutis P.Devenis, Waltham, MA The Lithuanian Local Overprints of  1941. GRAND Award


Frames 12-21 Vito Lukosevicius, Itasca, IL. 1. Lithuania from 1990. Stamps, Essays, proofs, Color Varietes.  2. Lithuania- 1000 Years, Rulers and Presidents. SILVER Award.


Frame 22 Ronald Yankowski, Clearwater, FL. Trakai, the Hereditary Capital of Lithuania SILVER Award


Frames 23-24 Ronald Yankowski, Clearwater, FL. Lithuanian Christmas 1990-2002 BRONZE Award


Frames 25-26 Juozas Zadeikis, Chicago, IL Selected Lithuanian Commemorative Covers CERTIF.


Frames 27-28 Dr. Arnold Grushnys, Wichita, KS Klaipeda (Memel) GOLD Awards

Gruop II -Other Countries


Frame 29 Dr. Arnold Grushnys, Wichita, KS 1. United States 1398 Presidential Series. 2. Famous Americans Series (Plate blocks). BRONZE Award
 10 Frame 30 Dr. Arnold Grushnys, Wichita, KS 1. United States 1929 Overprints on Kansas-Nebraska Issues. 2. 1957-1691 Champions of Liberty Issues (Plate blocks) BRONZE Award

Group III - Topicals


Frames 31-33 Vyduno Fondas, Chicago, IL Vydunas BRONZE Award


Frame 34 Raimond Korzonas, Palos Hills, IL United Nations Endangered Species 1996-1997 BRONZE Award

Group IV - Numismatics


Frame 35 Raimond Korzonas, Palos Hills, IL Variations in the Mintage of Lithuania's Grand Duke Sigismundus Augustus GOLD Award


Frame 36 Raimond Korzonas, Palos Hills, IL Mintage of Sigismundus III in the Lithuanian Grand Duchy and Neighboring Principalites GRAND


Frame 37 Raimond Korzonas, Palos Hills, IL German Occupation Banknote Issue-World War I. BRONZE Award


Frame 41-46 Algis Jurkunas,  La Grange, IL Lithuanian banknotes 1916 to Present CERT.


1 case Algis Jurkunas, La Grange, IL. Lithuanian Coins - Usable Currency and Commemorative Coins - 1925 to Present BRONZE Award


3 Cases Chester Chester, Chicago, IL Commemorative medals with Lithuanian Knight VERMEIL


6 Cases (Non-Competitive) Frank Passic, Albion, KI Lithuanian Banknotes .

LITHPEX XXVIII cachets and special event USPS cancels

LITHPEX XXVIII show covers may be ordered from J.Variakojis at $ 1.50 each with an enclosed SASE.

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