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The Lithuania PHILATELIC SOCIETY is proud to present its twenty-eight exhibition, LITHPEX XXVIII, commemorating three important milestones in Restoration of Independence; the 125h Anniversary of the birth of Lithuanian composer and artist Mikalojus Ciurlionis; and the 80th Anniversary of the creation of the Lithuanian National Assembly (the Parliament). It is also the 590th Anniversary of the victorious battle of Guenwald, when the joint Lithuanian and Polish armies defeated the Teutonic Knights who for two centuries were invading and plundering the Lithuanian and Polish territories.
I am extending my sincere gratitude to everyone who made this event possible. I am deeply grateful to the members of the Exhibition Committee who devoted much time and effort to make this event a success; to the exhibitors, the judges, the contributors, the professional and business establishments whose advertisements appear in this program and all the visitors from visitors from far and near who came to view the exhibits.

John Variakojis
Chairman, Exhibition Committee

LITHPEX XXVIII Exhibition Commitee
Auxilliary Committee
John Variakojis
Chairman, program Editor, Exhibitors, Cachets, cancels
Mrs. Ona Cepele
Mrs. Eugenija Ruzgas
Mrs. Prane Masiliunas
Mrs. Jurate Variakojis
Mrs. Milda Volodka
Exhibition Judges
Paul Barbatavicius
Dr. Algirdas Kudirka

The biannual philatelic and numismatic exhibition, LTXHPEX XXVIII, sponsored by the Lithuania Philatelic Society (LPS), was held on October 20-22, 2000 at the Balzekas Muzeum of Lithuanian Culture in Chicago, Illinois (6500s, Pulaski Road, Chicago, IL.) 
The official opening of the exhibition took place at 10;00 a.m. on saturday, October 21, 2000. Opening remarks were made by John Variakojis, President of the LPS and Chairman of the Exhibition Committee. He spoke briefly about the acyivities associated with the show. Mr. Stanley balzekas, Jr., the Museum President and Honorary Consul of Lithuania, opened the exhibition with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

Liudas Volodka
Vice Chairman, Posters, Award Plaquues, Certificates, etc.
Vito Lukosevicius
Treasurer, Refreshments
Mrs. Jurate Jasiunas
Fund Drive - Program Advertisements
Juozas Masilionis
Lithuanian Press, radio
Stanley Alsis
US Philatelic Press
Juozas Liubinskas
Kazys Rožanskas
LPS REception Table
Violeta Rutkauskienė
LPS REception Table
Val Martis
Exhibit Frame Coordinator
Algis Jurkūnas
Exhibit Frame set-up and dismantling
Algirdas Putrius
Exhibit Frame set-up, dismantling, LPS Reception Table
Edward J. Lucas
Exhibit Frame set-up, dismantling, LPS Reception Table
Juozas Zadeikis
Cachets, Cancels
Juozas Macenas
Welcome sign

Honorary Consul of Lithuania and Balzekas Museum President, Stanley Balzekas, Jr. by Sister Perpetua, S.S.C., cuts LITHPEX XXVIII opening ribbon.
 Some out-of town guests attending LITHPEX XXVII. From left: Stanley Balzekas, Jr., Gladys Evan (Florida, Ed Evan (Florida), John Variakojis, Suzanne Yankowski (Florida), Ronald Yankowski (Florida), Aldona Barbatavicius (Ontario) and Paul Barbatavicius (Ontario).
Head table quests with hostes Eugenia Ruzgas
Peter K.Devenis receives the Grand award 

Gruop I - Lithuania
Frames 1-2 (Non-Commpetitive) Paul Barbatavicius, Toronto, Canada Selected Pages of Lithuania  
Frames 3-11 Romas Fabijonas, Palos Park, IL. Selected Pages of Memel GOLD Award
Frames 12-15 Keistutis P.Devenis, Waltham, MA Lithuania - Regional Issues GRAND Award
Frames 16-20 Juozas Macenas, Lemont, IL. Autographs of Noted Lithuanian Statesmen SILVER Award
Frame 21 Dr. Audrius V. Plioplys, Chicago, IL. Philatelic Covers of Dr. Al. Rackus SILVER Award
Frame 22 Dr. Audrius V. Plioplys, Chicago, IL. Proofs of the First Lithuanian Stamp Issue of 1990 .
Frame 23-31 Vito Lukosevicius, Itasca, IL. Issues after Lithuania's Restoration of Independence: private Overprints on USSR stamps - Essays - Proofs - Color varieties. The Grand Dukes of Lithuania - Covers autographed by Lithuaanian Governmment officials SILVER Award
Frames 32-33 Ronald Yankowski, Clearwater, FL. Central Lithuania and Memel  - study of two geographical areas of modern Lithuania occupied by foreign troops VERMEIL Award
Gruop II -Other Countries
Frames 34-36 Dzintars Grinfelds, San Francisco, CA. The '3-Star' Coat of Arms issue of latvia: 1922-33, comprised of proofs, varieties and usages of the two Cota of Arms issues VERMEIL Award
  Easel Frame Sister Perpetua, Chicago, IL. Vatican Commemorative Stamp Exhibit: "Popes who Proclaimed the Holy Years from 1300 to 2000. VERMEIL Award
Group III - Topicals
10 Frames 37-41 Suzanne Yankowski, Clearwater, FL If yuo to collect Cristmas. A study othe variety of material that can be used in a topical collection GOLD Award
Group IV - Numismatics
11 Frame 42 Dr Audrius Plioplys, Chicago, IL. Grand Duke Alexander's half groshen coins and their varietes GOLD Award
12 Frame 43 Dr. Audrius Plioplys, Chicago, IL. Oldest Lithuanian coins .
13 Frame 44-46 Dr. Audrius Plioplys, Chicago, IL. Lithuanian Banknote Proofs: Lower denominations, cents SILVER Award
14   Chester Schafer, Chicago, IL. Jozef Pilsudski medals - Exhibited on the 80th Anniversary ofthe "Miracle of the Vistula" - the 18th decisive battle of the world, which saved Poland and, perhaps, the rest of Europe. SILVER Award
15   Algis Jurkunas, La Grange, IL. Lithuania's Metal Currency and Commemoratives Coins 1925-2000. SILVER Award
16   Sister Perpetua, Chicago, IL. Medals of the 20th Century SILVER Award

LITHPEX XXVIII cachets and special event USPS cancels
LITHPEX XXVIII show covers may be ordered from J.Variakojis at $ 1.50 each with an enclosed SASE.
This envelopes designet by Antanas Sakalys in Vilnius.

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