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The newest stamp of Lithuania  (2002.08.01)
Post stamps of the Lithuania Republic
An iliustrated catalogue of stamps of the republic of Lithuania. The section describes water marks of the lithuanian stamps and certain alternetive marks. Currently only the sections covering periods 1918-1919 and 1990-2002 are fully prepared. The stamp issue plans for 2003 is presented. Information on new stamps is placed no more than within five days from the date of their issue.
Special cancels of the  Lithuania Republic
Philately in Lithuania
Pasto proginis antspaudas A survey of special calendar occasional and firs day cancels as well as Lithuanian calendar cancels for period 1990-2001 is presented. Pirmasis Lietuvos pasto zenklas A general section of the webpage on the philately in Lithuania: philately history as well as bibliography on Lithuanian philogical literature, term definition dictionary, etc.
Lithuania philatelic society
The Lithuania Philatelic Society (Chicago, USA)
LFS emblema
  ( temporaly only in lithuanian ) Šiame skirsnyje pateikiama informacija apie Lietuvos filatelistų sąjungą: įstatai, struktūra, valdybos ir tarybos narių pavardės ir telefonai ir kt. Čia taip pat pateikiamos LFS veiklos naujienos, informacija apie renginius, leidinius ir kitą veiklą.
In this section information is provided about the Lithuania Philatelic Society, which exists over 50 years in Chicago, IL, USA. The Society (LPS) unites all philatelists interested in Lithuanian philately. Here you will find information about major activities of the LPS. This includes the journals, LITHPEX exhibitions, show covers with special cancels, and other events and publications.
Philately links in internet
Information on the post of the Republic of Lithuania
The links in this section is presented in three chapters: Lituanistic references, webpages of philately banners and variuos links. Attempts were made to make two chapters complete; the section on general links contains only the most interesting and thorough world webpages as the webpages with the link to the Lithuanian Philately homepage. This webpage contains transportation charges for both Lithuanian and international dispatches, the stamp taken off circulation, historical features of the Lithuanian post as well as miscellanies about the Lithuanian and world post - various stickers, mailbox, samples, etc.
The Lithuanian subject in the USSR philately (1940-1990)
Stamps of the Lithuanian lands
The section consists of several chapters - USSR stamps depicting people related to Lithuania, events, etc., special seals with the Lithuanian subject or those used ir Lithuania, stamped envelopes of the Lithuanian subject. A survey of the philately and stamps of the above mentioned period is presented here. Currently only description of the "Central Lithuanian" stamps is presented along with the short history of the land, the post history included. There are plans to include descriptions stamps used in the land of Klaipeda and other locations.
All sorts of things about philately
Here you will find news about philately and stamps from mass media, humour stories about philatelists and everything related to philately that cold not be combined in other section of the webpage.
The notices of philately
This is the place where you can write about the items you collect, what you may offer to others and any other information on the way you can do it (to bui, sell, exchange, etc.). Your notice will be immediatelly included into the notices board and all visitors will be providet with the possibility to read them. Your notice will be kept in this notices board for no less than 90 days.

Image: Lihuanian postage stamps catalogue 1990-2001.

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