Philately shops, clubs, firms

Lithuanian Union of Philatelists. Vilnius, Valanciaus gt. 5, tel.+370 2 650820.

State company "Lietuvos pastas" (Lithuanian Post office), a branch-printing centre "Pasto zenklas" ("A stamp"). Giedraiciu 60a, 2042 Vilnius, Lithuania. tel +370 2 776786, 724297, fax +370 2 779911. Printing and sales of Lithuanian stamps, envelopes, postcards. Purchase of stamps and philately production for subscription forwarded quarterly.

Wholesales of stamps: state company "Lietuvos pastas" (Lithuanian Post office), Vilnius, Vivulskio gt. 23. Tel. +370 2 231059. Lithuania


Philatelist meeting: Trade Union palace, Valanciaus g.5. Vilnius, Lithuania, on Saturdays from 8.00 to 12.00.

A specialized philately shop: Trade in Lithuanian and foreign stamps, various philately-related material and articles for philatelists. Commision trade. Advance subscription of certain foreign stamps. Arkliu gt. 2. Tel.+370 2 610088.
Philately section in book shop "Vaivorykste". Trade in stamps, philately literature. Asanaviciutes gt. 20/2. Tel +370 2 458511.
A philately section in office supplies and souvenirs shop. Giedraitienes personal enterprise. Trade in stamps, medals, orders, numismatics. Pilies gt. 23/15. Tel. +370 2 612910
REIKFIL. A philately company. Trade in various philately-related material, printing of philately literature, etc. Vasaros gt. 18. tel. +370 2 613369. P.O. Box 1087.
A philately section in book shop "Rusiska knyga" ("Russian book"). Trade in stamps, numismatics, etc. (A.Lukmina's company). Rūdninkų 8. Tel. +370 2 615131


Philatelists meetings: Kaunas Culture Palace, Vytauto prospektas 79, level I or III, on Sundays from 9.00 to 12.00.

Philately and curiosity shop. Trade in stamps and other articles for stamp, numizmatics ant other collectors. Rotuses a.29. 3033 Kaunas. Tel. +370 x 321935, after works time tel. +370 7 563799. Works time 10-18 (in winter), 10-20 (in summer).
Philately shop. Trade stamps and other articles for stamp collectors. Daukanto 14. Tel. +370 x 203948
A section for philatelists. Trade stamps and other articles for stamp collectors. Laisves al. 102. Tel. +370 x 208877.
Eurofila, Ltd. Trade in export stamps issued in former Soviet Union, Baltic states, new Easter Eupean countries. P.D.1099. Tel. +370 x 259804, 775211. E-mail:
Firm "Knygu pasaulis" ("The wold of books"). Service of philatelists. Collection items of well known international companies, catalogues, etc. Philately and numismatics. Algirdo 41A. LT 3009 Kaunas. Tel. +370 x 796560.
The club "LITUANICA". The club of philatelists's with special interest in Lithuania, Klaipeda ("Memel"), "Litwa srodkowa, occupation period, etc. postage stamps. Club have bilingual (Lithuanian-English) bulletin "PHILLIT". A.Jankauskas. P.O. box 2022, Kaunas 3000. Lithuania. fax +370 7 224509. E-mail:
A permanent exposition of stamps, telecommunications. Informaties museum. Rotušės a. 19. tel. 220344.
A permanent exposition of stamps on the subject of nature. T.Ivanauskas Zoo muzeum. Laisves al. 36. Tel. +370 x 200302


Shop "Hobi". Trade in stamps, stamped envelopes, postcards, coins, etc. (10-19 h., sat., sun. - 10-16 val.) Vilniaus gt. 134. tel.+370 x 435882.


Lietuvos Filatelija, 1997.